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How We Are Different

TIS3 Air Force SBIR Phase II overview

  • TIS3’s AF SBIR included transitioning a commercial, end-to-end IoT System (including an IoT platform, a TIS3 IoT gateway and modified edge devices for secure 2-way communication)   
  • IoT System (including IoT platform) supports all current and future requirements as stated in recent AF public requirements statements    
  • Current SBIR includes the demonstration of 
    • a cloud-based IoT Platform hosted in an IL2 environment and an effort to obtain DOD IL5 readiness for the platform 
    • IATT and/or ATO for the IoT System – an end-to-end demonstration of the sensors, gateway on an AF base network (Hill AFB) to the IL2 hosted IoT Platform in the cloud
    • 2-3 TIS3 sensors capturing data from legacy Operational Technology Systems (compressor – temperature and vibration)
  • Under the SBIR, TIS3 are connecting legacy industrial plant equipment via the “Secure IoT System”, but that is the chosen legacy system for the demonstration. The real capability of record is the TIS3 edge device module that allows TIS3 to capture data from any legacy device or system in a proven IoT ecosystem of edge device, gateway, and platform, all running in a DOD enclave.
  •  As part of the development exercise, the AF provided TIS3 with a MS5 DDC (an industrial controller) to allow TIS3 to demonstrate that its IoT System can connect not only TIS3 sensors to the network and Platform, but also can connect legacy industrial control systems with multiple OEM-installed sensors to report to the platform.
  • TIS3’s IoT systems flexibility to connect legacy systems using a secure IoT System is the critical take-away from the SBIR

What We Are Delivering

  • Developing and deploying a localized on-site secure IoT System (Gateway and SensorPak) that will communicate via a local base network, the DODIN and an IL2/IL5 cloud environment (the IoT Platform component of the system)
    • SensorPak – EDM-based flexible sensing and communication
    • Gateway – Long Range, Low Power, Low Data Rate, Network
    • IoT Platform –
      • Data & Device Management System
      • analytics
      • visualization
  • Connecting existing legacy equipment via the modified TIS3 EDM-based SensorPak
  • IL2 (IL5 if asked) environment can be reached by computer systems on the base and base network as well as other DODIN-attached venues
  • Providing real-time remote monitoring and alerting of industrial plant equipment and associated items

Key Differentiators

When completed, the TIS3 secure IoT system will have achieved IATT (and ATO -if possible in the time constraints of the contract POP) to operate on an AF base network, transmitting via the DODIN, to a secure, hosted IL2/IL5 cloud environment. End-to-end demonstration that is unique to our knowledge. As of recently, there is an opportunity for us to get our gateway on the DISA approved product list (APL), which we are pursuing with AF sponsorship outside of our current SBIR contract.

The value of getting on the APL is that only APL devices can go on the DODIN (DOD network) and approved devices are more likely to pass local base requirements for operation, and therefore are more likely to be approved for not only the DODIN, but also for the local base network. Through this process we will become the only IOT Gateway device that we know of that is approved to operate on the DODIN, which is a huge win for us, and hopefully can be something that can be a big win for Army if Army chooses to adopt the TIS3 IoT System.

CBP Sequential Phase II Overview

TIS3 delivered the following during the SBIR demonstration:

  • Gateway – Long Range, Low Power, Low Data Rate, Network
  • IoT Platform – Data & Device Management System – platform
    • visualization
    • analytics
  • SensorPak – flexible sensing and communication – measuring
    • Solar power systems, line power systems, generator system status and more..

TIS3 demonstrated the ability to deliver high-value system status alerts to EvoTech (BPTOC contractor – NOC/SOC operator) and Solarwinds for quick response by CBP’s support organizations

  • Open door alert, Low battery voltage, Low Fuel, Tilt beyond tolerance, shore power outage, Conflicting indicators (shore power and generator both “on”)

 TIS3 developed a system architecture that works inside the secure RVSS-L network and BPTOC instances of Solarwinds and TIS3’s IoT platform

  • TIS3 demonstrated how that architecture could be used during the transition to the secure environment by sending data to the EvoTech data center in SA Texas

TIS3’s IoT integration demonstration was well received by CBP leadership and those attending the Demonstration on May 24 2022.

  • Government CBP Attendees confirmed the results were Positive – and would be beneficial in supporting operational efficiency and agent safety objectives


Key Differentiators

  • TIS3 used the same Edge Device Module, gateway and IoT platform components to quickly adapt the Secure IoT System to meet CBP’s requirements for connecting legacy field equipment for remote monitoring. Having the component elements that can be modified and quickly tested, deployed, and integrated into normal operations is the KEY value proposition for the TIS3 IOT System.
  • TIS3 is the first company to integrate its data into SolarWinds which saves the agency time and money from having to monitor multiple systems.

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