How To Choose A Web Technology Stack: A Complete Guide

Every company has its way of approaching web development, and every team is different. But some commonalities can help you to understand how each technology works and what it can do for your project. The right technology stack is the foundation of any successful business. It’s a critical part of the product design process and […]

Supreme Court poised to rewrite how social media confronts disinformation

The Facebook post showed a gloved hand holding a silver needle alongside a message in bold letters: “Bill Gates explains that the COVID-19 vaccine will use experimental technology and permanently alter your DNA!” Despite violating Facebook rules to prevent the spread of lies about COVID, that post slipped past the platform’s filters in June 2021. […]

Why regulators are still at odds over ad tech data privacy standards

The “best laid plans of mice and men often go awry” is as typical for regulators as the oft-quoted extract is true. Nowhere is this more apt right now than when it comes to curbing the unintended consequences of a data industry that’s powered by ad dollars, mired in complexity and underscored by nondisclosure agreements. […]

Successful Leaders Are Great Coaches

Leadership is going through massive changes as the Baby Boomers transfer power to emerging leaders in the Gen X, Millennial, and Gen Z generations. That generational change is bringing with it a shift in leadership style, from leaders as capable managers to leaders as great coaches of people.   While in recent years many leaders […]

Human-Centered Design: What Architects Can Learn from UX Designers

The architectural practice has always been rooted in what people now call “human-centered design”. The term, coined by Irish engineer Mike Cooley in his 1987 publication “Human-Centred Systems” describes a design approach around identifying people’s needs and solving the right problem with simple interventions. Architecture balances between being aesthetic art and practical design. With multiple […]

Project Management Skills: Which Ones Do You Need for a Job?

Project management skills are vital to an organization’s survival. Competent project managers ensure that complex projects are completed on deadline and within a set budget, a monumental task that requires a diverse skill set. Expert project managers don’t just have the right technical skills for the job—they’re also masters of “soft skills” such as time […]

Cybersecurity Experts Underscore Need for Cohesive Zero Trust & Data Efforts

Cybersecurity has become the latest frontier in national security with the expansion and proliferation of the digital environment in recent decades. Today, cyber is also an emerging and important component of warfighting, and the U.S. government has placed a high priority on better protecting our critical information, data and cyber assets as the threat rises. […]

The Impact of Drone Technology & Use Cases

The availability of 5G technology is accelerating across the globe, enabling new and exciting technologies that will transform communities large and small. One of the technologies that are making an impact across many industries is drone technology. Before diving into the ways that drones are making the world a better place, it is important to […]

Press Release: US DOD satcom to be delivered by ThinKom, Inmarsat

ThinKom Solutions, Inc. and Inmarsat Government today announced a collaboration to deliver more efficient and reliable satellite communications (SATCOM) for tactical operations. The pair will combine ThinKom’s ThinAir Ka2517 antenna with Inmarsat Government’s G-MODMAN II and G-MODMAN Open Platform (OP) modem managers to support Department of Defense connectivity around the globe. “Delivering efficient connectivity to […]